5 Reasons To Live In Florida

Everyone knows Florida has amazing weather, beaches and nightlife – but is there anything else? Florida is the greatest city in the United States, and here’s a short list why:

1. No State Income Tax

When I first moved to Florida and became a resident it was like I got a raise. I was paying almost 10% of my yearly income in State income taxes – Florida has 0%.

2. The Park Up In Orlando Attracts More Than Any Other Park IN THE WORLD

You’ve probably heard of it – Disney! It really is the most magical place on earth, and as a Florida resident you get crazy discounts.

3. It Never Rains For More Than A Few Hours

Sure, it rains every day in the summer but it never lasts for more than 2 hours. No more rainy days (weeks) – just a quick refresh!

4. Stone Crabs

stone crab

Never had them? They’re amazing and they’re the BEST in South Florida.

5. The Weather, Beaches and Nightclubs

I said I wasn’t going to mention them, but yes, they’re that amazing! Clear blue water, weather that never dips below 75 degrees and the never ending social scene is what really keeps my in Florida!

6. The Business Opportunities

Own a business? Want to start one? South Florida is great for budding entrepreneurs and business networking events in Miami are among some of the best in the country.


All in all, there are a million reasons the move to Florida. But for every reason, there’s 2 excuses – which ones are you using? Stop waiting, the good life awaits!


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