[container_half position=”first” title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Robert Tessler ” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”https://www.preconstructioncondosofmiami.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ines-test-2.jpg” vertical=”yes”]”Ines really “got” our apartment and knew exactly how to position and sell it. Her sense of pricing was fair and her optimism was contagious. There were 50 apartments for sale in our building and Ines got us THREE offers within a month! Can’t thank her enough.”[/testimonial][/container_half]

[container_half position=”last” title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Elizabeth Fisher” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”https://www.preconstructioncondosofmiami.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ines-test-3.jpg” vertical=”yes”]”When we bought at Murano, Ines (unlike EVERY OTHER Miami realtor) was the only realtor who was 100% up front and correct in her statements and estimates of pricing and fees. Ines knowledge and experience truly set her apart from the rest and I 150% recommend her services.”[/testimonial][/container_half]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Steven Kimelman” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”https://www.preconstructioncondosofmiami.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ines-test-4.jpg” vertical=”no”]”I’ve been a part of dozens of real estate transactions in my career. Working in this industry I know EXACTLY how hard it is to find someone reliable and trust worthy. Ines is the most professional and pleasant woman I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Elias Typaldos” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”http://wpestatetheme.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/ProfilePhoto422.jpg” vertical=”no”]”I really can’t thank Ines enough for her dedication, concern, availability and urgency! She was able to deliver our dream Miami preconstruction condo. We wish you all the success in the world, you deserve it!”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_half position=”first” title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Joel Tauber” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”https://www.preconstructioncondosofmiami.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ines-test-5.jpg” vertical=”yes”]”Everything was so smooth and easy because of Ines and her awesome team. She was always one step ahead of us, her tireless efforts and upbeat personality made our purchase a joy. We are very happy will recommend Ines to ANYONE who needs a reliable realtor.”[/testimonial][/container_half]

[container_half position=”last” title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Diane Montagna” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”https://www.preconstructioncondosofmiami.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ines-test-6.jpg” vertical=”yes”]”Ines’ reputation truly proceeds her and her expertise of the Miami preconstruction condo market is unmatched. Her high energy, sense of humor and negotiation skills were superb in both the sale of our property and the purchase of our new condo at the Continuum.”[/testimonial][/container_half]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Galina Pomorochka” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”http://wpestatetheme.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/ProfilePhoto31003.jpg” vertical=”no”]”Ines and her agency are amazing. We have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow us to search all day. We told her exactly what we were looking for in preconstruction units and she found it for us. Thanks Ines!”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Albert Lepage” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”https://www.preconstructioncondosofmiami.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ines-test-7.jpg” vertical=”no”]”Ines made my purchase (and then my sale) an unbelievably pleasurable experience. She handled all the “hassle” items expertly and I learned first hand why they call her the “Queen of South Beach”. I can’t say enough about her hard work and dedication during this process!”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Sue & Lou Meisels” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”Ines, you alone will now handle ALL of my Real Estate sales, purchases and leasing. This whole thing from our one afternoon through closing has been as smooth as anything we’ve done OR handled a brokers in 30 years.”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Jerry Herman and Terry Marler” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]We have had the privilege of working with Ines Flax over the past eight years — as a purchaser, seller, and property management client — and recommend her services as professional, effective, conscientious, and expert. Ines has consistently done excellent work with great charm and concern.  She has our gratitude and hearty recommendation.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Ivan Selin” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines Flax has represented us, our tenants, or our counterparties in more than 2 dozen transactions over the last 15 years. In every transaction she has fiercely protected her client, treated others fairly, shown acute awareness of the market and provided seamless customer service and tireless follow-thru[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Loveen Israni” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]I have bought a condo and rented two as a tenant where Ines was my realtor in the transaction. Once she got to know our needs she was able to source the best options for us without wasting our time. Her sourcing ability is second to none. She was willing to support us with any data we needed on comparables in order to help us make an informed decision. In one case where we had a dispute with our landlords, Ines supported us fully to the extent that the landlords were so impressed, they hired her to market some of their other properties.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Michel Santi” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines Flax is probably the mose sincere and professional person I know in the USA! We have dealt with her and with her very friendly and efficient staff on many occasions and we have been each time fully satisfied with her services, have all the time appreciated her smart and wise advises, and profited from her lengthy experience and knowledge of the Florida real estate market. If you work with Ines : be absolutely sure that she will always defend your interests as if they were hers![/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Christian-Marc Keller” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]

Ines Flax is the kind of women who is always on top of everything related to the real estate.
She works anytime and from anywhere, and captures straight away the needs of her clients.

A very professional and efficient person.


[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Jeffrey Steinberger” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Best Broker in Miami!!
She sold all my properties!
What a gal!![/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Diane Walder” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines, simply said, you are the best!![/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Seth Weinberger” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]With years of experience in Miami area residential real estate, Ines has developed an extraordinary understanding of the market. She works tirelessly on behalf of her clients, and her advice is always well reasoned and insightful. Best of all, her creativity and drive makes deals happen. When everyone else is losing their head, Ines comes up with workable solutions to move the transaction forward. She earns her commission every hour of the day.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Jordan Levy” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines and Stephanie are the best team of professionals we have ever worked with.  Not only the buying of the apartment, but every other detail was their responsibility including helping the cable TV started. I would want Ines on my team for any real estate purchase in Miami. [/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Claudia Roussel” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]It was, is and will be a pleasure to have Ines Flax by your side while doing successful real estate transactions. Ines helped me sell a property during bad times and still managed to get a very respectable price for it and she convinced me to buy a property a couple of years ago, which by now doubled in price. Her instincts, knowledge and dedication is beyond any doubt!!

Thank you Ines Flax


[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Ethel Gardner” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]You cannot have a better real estate person to help you.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”S. Choi, M.D.” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]

I decided to consider purchasing a place in South Beach while visiting a friend of mine and Ines was recommended to me as a realtor. I am glad we crossed paths, since Ines dedicated her time and patience to show a variety of condos in different areas of South Beach and surrounding communities. I decided upon my apartment with confidence and remain very happy with my choice.

While working with Ines, one quality that stood out to me about her was how much she cared about finding an apartment that suited me. She always found the time to work with me, even when given very short notice. She answered all my questions earnestly and promptly. I am not surprised that she is a very successful realtor. She clearly demonstrated the work ethic and professionalism to warrant it.


[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Joelle & Alfred Kwiatek” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]It’s with great enthusiasm that we recommend Mrs. Ines Flax to any potential client. We have been able to appreciate Ines professionalism and dedication throughout the process of selling our property. Ines is gifted with an incredible follow up and attention to details. She is a joy to work with. She is a credit to her profession.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Donna Cristina” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines is a five star broker. Knowledgeable, professional and a consistent performer.
Whether buying or selling she is hands down the “go-to” Realtor in Miami![/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Barbara Dente” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines Flax is a superb real-estate broker.
Her knowledge & experience in the Miami market are simply the best.
She & her team are very professional, diligent & a pleasure to deal with.
She has represented me in the sale of 2 properties with great success.
Not only would I use her again I would only recommended her to family & friends.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Barry and Barbara Guss” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]The most honest and intelligent agent in all of SoBe. We rented 2 condos and purchased 1 and has been the only agent and friend and now neighbor we ever used over out 10 year relationship[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”James Langel” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Good luck! If I need anything, you guys are the place to go. [/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”J. Robert Vastine” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines Flax is a superb businesswoman who knows her markets intimately and serves her clients superbly…she is tireless, generous, and creative, and she has built a great team. It has been a privilege to work with them for more than 7 years.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”William O’Hagan” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines has been a great asset to our sales strategy in South Beach. She has a built a clientele of buyers and sellers who continue to work with her because of her ability to close the deal.
We will continue to consult and work with her with our South Beach holdings.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Janice Ducharme” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines Flax is the ultimate professional.  She is knowledgeable about the market, comfortable communicating with people of various backgrounds and available 24 – 7.  She loves her job and it clearly shows.  She has a way of making her clients feel important and offers her honest opinion for the benefit of her clients.   [/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Shaul Levy” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines is our R/E agent for the last 10 year she got my wife Elaine and I apartments at 1500 Ocean Drive witch we are renewing for the past 10 Years, she sold my son’s house in record time, and got him an apt in the Moreno Grand at South Beach.
Always very professional and fast she is really a good Real Estate person to know.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Michael Blevins” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]I highly recommend Ines Flax for all your real estate needs. She helped me acquire and sell 3 properties is Miami Beach and will be my realtor for all future purchases.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Lauren Allison Caban” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines Flax is a by far one of the most professional, tenacious and experienced realtors that I have ever had the privilege to work with. Her knowledge of the market is invaluable, her presentations are informative and useful, and above all she is a pleasure to know.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Denise Richardson” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]We utilized Ines’ professional services to sell our beautiful condo on Miami Beach. Her office was most professional and responsive. Everything was done on line including closing I would absolutely work with her again.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Gary and Marlene Creagh” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]I would highly recommend Ines. I have bought, sold, and leased my properties with her over the last 6 years. Well informed and professional. [/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Stephen Diaco” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]Ines Flax is simply the best.  She works harder and longer than anyone in the Miami market, and she is a closer.  She is the only realtor I would use in south Florida.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Peter R. Ehrlich, Jr.” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”Ines Flax has been keeping me informed about the luxury real estate market for years.  Ines is knowledgeable and she is great at sending interesting E-mail”.

“Ines has years of valuable experience.”


[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Peter & Elizabeth Miller” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]We have known Ines for more than 15 years, as a neighbor, and as the selling agent of our home in South Beach.  We can vouch that you could not find a Realtor with more knowledge, skill, and tenacity, then in Ines.  In working with Ines, we saw that her attention to detail is second to none. Even in the most difficult of situations, she was highly skilled in finding middle ground to insure that all parties involved were happy, satisfied customers. She is a highly respected professional throughout the community, and nationwide.  We hold Ines in very high regards, and would highly recommend her to anyone.  Please do not hesitate to call us for a personal reference.[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Julie Strauch” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]I have always admired Ines for all that she does in business, her community and with her family. She has been a friend for over 30 years. [/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Elissa Tobin” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”I have known Ines Flax for over 30 years.  She is extremely dedicated and the very best at what she does.  I would highly recommend and entrust her with any real estate transactions as she is extremely knowledgeable in every phase of real estate. If I were looking for an oceanfront property, I would only call Ines. She is in the top 1% in the country and has worked very hard to earn this respect.”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Debra & Neil Beinhaker ” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”It is my pleasure and honor in expressing my highest regard towards Ines Flax. She is a person of utmost character, integrity, and outstanding professionalism. Ines possess complete capability and consistent reliability in everything she does. I fully support her with utmost confidence.  Her highly rated success, throughout all these years, speaks for itself. I am proud to be a most satisfied client for over thirty years. I will continue my trust as all of her clients. Knowing she has our best interest in everything. She is thorough in every detail and always returns my phone calls with follow-up.   If needed as a reference, I happily submit my name and telephone number.”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Merle Fisher” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”It’s easy to write something nice about you.
You have so much info about EVERY restaurant in South Beach and you are FUN to be with.
No one knows her stuff like YOU!”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Anna Ezratti” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”You know that for me you are the best in the real estate business. Lots of love.”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Sara Solomon” who=”Happy Seller” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”Ines has always had the top locations for sale and/or rent and I would trust her to continue to do so.”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Anne Marie Hallstrand” who=”Happy Seller & Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”David and I would always recommend you as a business professional to anyone we met or who would inquire.”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Matthew R. W. Lewis, Esq.” who=”Happy Buyer” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”Ines is a one of a kind! Her knowledge of markets as well as her tireless/unrelenting prowess that she utilizes to obtain amazing results for her clients is unmatched!”[/testimonial][/container_content]

[container_content title=”” border=””][testimonial name=”Hans and Josie Bruland” who=”Happy Buyers” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”Ines Flax is the quintessential realtor. We purchased our unit at the Setai in 2004 through her and again in 2017, for the Paramount at the MiamiWorld Center. Both properties were on the pre-construction phase. Ines has an excellent intuitive grasp of what you are really looking for, respectful of your price range and gives you the right guidance and opinion without being pushy. She comes fully prepared and her stock knowledge of what is available in the market is a valuable source to make a sound decision. She goes above and beyond your expectations and our professional and personal trust in her is unequivocal.”[/testimonial][/container_content]